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Restoration of Florida Federal Firearm Rights Gun Rights Specific Authority to Use and Own a Firearm

Restoration of Firearm Rights – Florida and Federal

When one is convicted of a felony offense, that conviction removes the right to use and own firearms.  It results in the loss of gun rights or the right to bare arms under the 2nd Amendment.  However, in some instances, a felony conviction is not necessary.  When there is a conviction for a misdemeanor that relates to domestic violence, firearm rights may be lost.  Additionally, even if there is a withhold of adjudication, the Federal Government still considers there to be a conviction for the purposes of determining whether or not one has lost his or her right to bare arms.

Sometimes, there can be confusion on whether or not someone still has their rights.  Once determined that gun rights have been lost, there are specific steps that need to be taken in order to get them back.  On a state level in Florida, firearm rights will only be restored by following the proper steps in accordance with Florida Clemency rules set forth by the Office of Executive Clemency in Tallahassee, Florida.  On a federal level, that process takes place through the Office of the Pardon Attorney in Washington, D.C.

Thus, it goes without saying that having representation that can guide and ensure that your application for the restoration of your firearm rights or the specific authority to use and own a firearm on a state level through the Office of Executive Clemency in Florida or on a federal level through the Office of the Pardon Attorney in Washington, D.C.  is as strong as possible may be a determining factor when seeking these forms of state and federal clemency relief.

The selection of the best clemency attorney for your particular needs is an important choice, and Foundation Legal, P.A. is happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Whether these questions relate to the restoration of your basic civil rights, restoration of your voting rights, the specific authority to use and own a firearm or the restoration of your gun rights, a Florida or Federal pardon, or a Florida or Federal commutation of sentence, Foundation Legal, P.A. is here for you.

For further information related to any of the avenues listed above or how Foundation Legal can assist you, please contact us.