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Florida and Federal Pardons

Florida and Federal Pardons

Following a conviction, there is typically only a few avenues of relief available to an individual.  Initially, there is the typical criminal appellate track that includes one’s right to a direct appeal, state and federal post-conviction motions, and a state or federal application for a commutation of sentence.  Unless the sentence is vacated or reversed, and even if a sentence is reduced, an individual will find him or herself living under the shadow of that conviction.

When the collateral effects of a conviction are hanging on one’s shoulders – issues with employment, issues with licensing agencies, or issues related to residences among many others – and making life difficult to navigate or get ahead, an application for a Florida Gubernatorial or Governor’s Pardon on a state level or a petition for a Federal Presidential Pardon on a federal level, may be the only opportunity for relief.

Where a state or federal commutation of sentence is a form of clemency relief that acts to reduce or commute one’s prison sentence, a pardon is the action of forgiving or being forgiven for an error or offense.  Here, it is when the Governor of Florida on a state level for state convictions or the President of the United States on a federal level for federal convictions forgives or excuses one’s errors or offenses.  Once received, it acts as an opportunity for individuals to be relieved of many of the burdens and collateral punishments that accompany a criminal conviction.

As you can imagine, pardons are not just handed out.  Clemency in general is a very special form of relief that necessitates a thorough approach in making sure one’s application or petition is as strong as possible.  Additionally, The Office of Executive Clemency, an extension of the Florida Governor’s Office in Tallahassee, Florida and the Office of the Pardon Attorney, an extension of the President of the United States’ Office in Washington, D.C. have implemented eligibility requirements and instructions that need to be followed and are at times difficult to navigate.

Thus, it goes without saying that having representation that can guide and ensure that your application for a Florida Pardon or Federal Pardon is as strong as possible may be a determining factor when seeking these forms of state and federal clemency relief..

The selection of the best clemency attorney for your particular needs is an important choice, and Foundation Legal, P.A. is happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Whether these questions relate to the restoration of your basic civil rights, restoration of your voting rights, the specific authority to use and own a firearm or the restoration of your gun rights, a Florida or Federal pardon, or a Florida or Federal commutation of sentence, Foundation Legal, P.A. is here for you.

For further information related to any of the avenues listed above or how Foundation Legal can assist you, please contact us.