Clemency Relief

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Florida and Federal Clemency Relief

Florida and Federal Clemency is a form of relief created to ensure that an individual is afforded every opportunity to receive a fair and unbiased determination.  This is accomplished by giving the individual an avenue to request that the executive branch (either of Florida, the Governor, or Federal, the President of the United States) review his or her sentence or criminal history in pursuit of a pardon, commutation of sentence or a restoration of rights previously lost due to a criminal conviction.  Foundation Legal is here to provide individualized, personal assistance to those in need of pursuing these avenues of relief.


In Florida, a pardon is a form of relief that may be sought through the Florida Office of Executive Clemency.  It requires a sentence to have been served and completed for at least ten years and asks the executive branch to make a determination that releases the individual from the burdens of being formally convicted of a crime.

Commutation or Reduction of Sentence

A commutation or reduction of sentence is sought in order to have the Florida clemency board find that an individual, based upon his or her criminal history and personal factors, should be afforded the right to re-enter society prior to the date applied from a conviction and sentence.  In some cases, this avenue may be the only one that someone who is incarcerated may have left to them following the exhaustion of judicial remedies.  Because of its importance and place in the realm of forms of relief, it must be treated in a fashion in accordance with that importance.  Having representation that is focused on pursuing this right is pivotal.

Restoration of Rights

Following certain types of convictions, particular individual rights may be denied.  The right to a firearm is one such right.  In a situation such as this, an individual has the opportunity to plead to the executive to have those rights restored, leading to a more fully incorporated return to society.

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