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Clemency Relief

Pardon - Firearm - Voting - Commutation

Personalized Service with Reasonable Fees for Clemency Applications Requesting Florida or Federal Pardons, the Restoration of Basic Civil Rights, Voting Rights or Firearm Rights, or Florida or Federal Commutations of Sentence

Clemency - Pardon, Firearm Authority, Restoration of Rights, Commutation of Sentence

Foundation Legal is dedicated and diligent in furthering our client's wishes and protecting our client's interests and rights during representation.  However, for many clients, the cost of legal representation or assistance may seem out of reach.

Foundation Legal prides itself on delivering a superior, client-centered experience while providing reasonable, affordable fees.  In order to meet this goal, and for convenience and affordability, Foundation Legal offers its clients the opportunity to be placed on a payment plan or structure in order to ensure they receive the legal assistance they deserve at a cost they can afford.